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Firenze adalah kota dimana lahirnya para pelukis terkenal seperti Leonardo da Vinci dan Michaelangelo. Tata kotanya sangat indah dan banyak karya seni yang dihasilkan di kota ini. Salah satunya adalah Katedral Santa Maria del Fiore dengan atap berbentuk kubah yang indah. Firenze merupakan ibukota provinsi Firenze, regione Toscana, Italia Tengah. Dibelah oleh Sungai Arno, di kaki perbukitan Apennine, kota ini berpopulasi four hundred.000 jiwa. Klub sepak bola Firenze bernama Fiorentina.

Si è conclusa la 7° edizione del Pageant Internazionale FILMSPRAY, caratterizzata da una forte partecipazione di registi provenienti sia dall’Italiani sia dagli Stati Uniti. La manifestazione organizzata dalla Lorenzo De’ Medici e Ecoframes, in collaborazione con Rai Com, Rai Cinema, Fedic, Abroad Scout e Quelli della Compagnia di Fondazione Sistema Toscana si è svolta nella chiesa di San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini, appositamente allestita con dei video mapping.

Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station is the main national and international railway station in Florence and is used by fifty nine million folks every year. 75 The building, designed by Giovanni Michelucci, was built in the Italian Rationalism style and it is among the main rationalist buildings in Italy. It’s situated in Piazza della Stazione, near the Fortezza da Basso (a masterpiece of the navy Renaissance architecture 76 ) and the Viali di Circonvallazione , and in entrance of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella ‘s apse from which it takes its identify.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you should receive separate tickets (free, of course) to climb the cupola of the Duomo (Cathedral), to enter the Baptistry and to enter the associated Museum. You do that by presenting your Firenze card at the acceptable ticket counters EARLIER THAN lining up to enter any of these three venues. Tickets for the Baptistry and Museum could be obtained contained in the museum.firenze

Café Firenze is an upscale informal eating restaurant serving northern Italian style cuisine. While you walk into Café Firenze you will expertise the ambiance of a real Italian Villa with a beautiful expansive granite martini bar, massive fireside hearth, and full leather sofas and booths. You’ll be able to bring your loved ones to dine on the country farm house tables in the primary dining room, surrounded in warm Tuscan colours of wealthy warm browns and yellows accented with red brocade curtains and tall ceilings laced with Milano crystal chandeliers.

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Florence changed Turin as Italy’s capital in 1865 and, in an effort to modernise the town, the old market within the Piazza del Mercato Vecchio and plenty of medieval homes had been pulled down and replaced by a more formal avenue plan with newer houses. The Piazza (first renamed Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II , then Piazza della Repubblica , the current title) was considerably widened and a big triumphal arch was constructed on the west end. This improvement was unpopular and was prevented from continuing by the efforts of several British and American individuals dwelling within the metropolis. citation needed A museum recording the destruction stands nearby at the moment.